Home Design Tips

Below are a few tips for you to use in designing around your home.

Simple Space Planning And Staging

So you have decided to put your home on the market? The reasons could be many, but no doubt the hours to prepare your home are few. The tasks you have to complete seem endless. Stress & tension are beginning to override the excitement that was once felt over a brand new beginning. Stop. Take a deep breath, and exhale. Homestyle is here to help with six simple steps that you can use for space planning & staging your home. Over the next few months you will learn how to 1. Visualize/Conceptualize 2. Organize 3. Prioritize 4. Minimize 5. Maximize & Accessorize 6. Personalize your way to a more marketable home. Ready? Lets start!

  1. Visualize/Conceptualize
    Visualize your home & your space. Take a moment, go room by room and look at each space a new. Look at it critically. Look at it as if you were the potential buyer. Try to see the space through the eyes of a “buyer”. (Enlisting in the help of a friend or relative for a fresh view may help. But only if that person can speak freely to you and you can take what they say with an open mind.) Glean from this new view a fresh concept of what can be done to each space to make it more presentable. Closet scenario: A walk in closet, for example, may have been the perfect size when you moved in, but as with any closet, over time, tends to get every single area filled up (if you have the space it will be filled up eventually). Time to turn back the clock and visualize that closet with less in it. If you where the buyer you would want to see a closet with an abundance of space not yet filled. To give the impression that there is plenty of room, that is the concept.
  2. Organize
    Organize your idea’s and spaces on paper. Make lists and notes of each space, each idea, each thought of how to take a space, a room and improve it – make it more marketable. As you work you can refer to this list and follow it. Once you have completed idea’s mark them off. That will bring a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Organize the spaces in your home with the understanding that any areas of the home are fair game for potential buyers to open and investigate. Again see, visualize the spaces as a buyer would. Kitchen scenario:
    A kitchen needs to present itself as a extremely well thought out and functional space. As with any buyer, a lot of time will be spent here. On paper write down any thoughts that would help make it more functional. For example like the preceding closet scenario, the kitchen, needs to give the impression that it to has enough space for not only food preparation but also storage. Remember that any potential buyer has every right to look into cabinets, so clean them out and organize them. Then check that off your list!

For the above scenario’s you can think about what a closet store looks like or a clothing store. In the kitchen, think of your favorite kitchen store to help with some ideas of how to “sell” your space. Add a sachet and nice wood hangars to your closet. Add a cookbook stand to your kitchen counter to create the impression that someone has just been cooking. These small investments can be taken with you to your new home and will add small nuances to your present home, giving a big impression.

Next month look forward to steps 3 & 4 in planning and staging steps to help sell your home in todays market!

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