Choosing The Right Colours In House Painting

When doing house painting, the choice of paint colours and their possible combinations is a vital consideration that you have to observe. A new colour in the house makes a huge difference, you will understand how crazy it is. Whether you are painting the interior of the house or its exterior face, the choice of the right colours is important. Consider the following:

Tips you can use in choosing the interior paint colors for house painting

  1. The paint you choose should match the furniture, accessories and windows that you have to use. You must already have the furniture of your choice in mind, so adjust the color of your home painting to match with it.
  2. Use the paint colors in painting the rooms, like violet and green that achieves the effect of making them appear larger, instead using yellow or red that tends to make the rooms look smaller.
  3. Paint the trim of the walls with different colors from the color of the wall, emphasizing the trim.
  4. Using dark and light shades of the same color in the house will achieve a harmonizing effect. Extreme contrasting colors are not recommended.

Check how the paint colors you are buying look in daylight and at night, to give you an idea of how the interior of the house will appear after the application of the paints.

There are some tips too that you can follow in house painting when painting the exteriors of the house. When you buy the exterior paint colors take note of the following:

  1. Try selecting the colors that will make your house compatible with the houses of the neighbors as you might stand out as a very different individual from them. From just the painting of your house try to be as neighborly as you can – you will not lose anything by being a good neighbor.
  2. The structure of your house too should be an important factor to consider in the choice of the exterior painting. Features like the decks, stones, bricks in your house may be painted with strong colors to give them a rugged appearance.
  3. It will be good for you to go for the popular colors for the exterior of houses like the White or Off White now mostly found in American homes. Brown or tan colors are also popular choices.
  4. The entire building must have balanced colors. The light colors are preferred over the darker ones as the latter absorb too much light and can cause their early fading. The sheen in colors that you choose also tends to make the house look like new always.
  5. Colors for the metal window paint should blend with the exterior paint color that you use, as they are better looking in this way than when you paint them otherwise.

Following the house painting tips for the interior and the exterior of your house can assure you of a beautiful house that will be a good addition to the neighborhood and the community.

Expert Decorating — 7 Ideas to Identifying the very best Decorator

When a person comes to the stage of looking to obtain the best-served nearby painting as well as decorating company inside their local area you will find lot associated with elements that have to be considered to ensure that a well-informed decision is possible. It is actually understandable which anyone buying decorator will locate a friendly as well as reliable expert who’s well-experienced and offers affordable.

The outcome sounds simple, right? You will find clear as well as concise components that anybody can effectively sort out which may naturally guide these phones identifying the actual best-available professional to accomplish their do it yourself project. Not just will this method leave you creating a committed as well as confident choice, but it’ll likely give you support to locate a decorator who you’ll return to again and again for all of your decorating needs.

Tip one considers any recommendations you will probably have received. Family and friends who suggest a decorator may have experienced their own workmanship as well as standards associated with finishes. You want to feel confident with someone employed in our home and thus this suggestion works to provide reassurance and rely upon any Organization.

Tip two would be to identify an expert that comes with an established web site. Spend time dealing with familiarise yourself using their website. Search for testimonials, information on previous function completed and home elevators the organization background. A assured company will give you all the above particulars with self-assurance as well as use every chance to inform their prospects of their own selling factors.

Tip three would be to spend period looking whether your selected specialist offers received any kind of feedback or even editorials within trade publications. This is actually again a chance for top-professionals in order to showcase their own workmanship and also to offer detail concerning the Company.

Tip 4 is to find online reviews from the Company. There are a variety of sources that provides you with independent as well as trustworthy suggestions from clients who’ve employed any organization. These in many cases are impartial and can offer the well-rounded strategy.

Tip 5 is to make certain that you pick a company which has easily recognizable contact particulars. There are too many companies that hide aside their get in touch with details or allow it to be difficult to acquire how to contact their personnel. You must have a variety of contact techniques and these types of should just about all be very easily found. After you have made connection with the Organization, they ought to seamlessly show you through the procedure of getting a free, absolutely no obligation quote.

Tip 6 is to locate a company which has a presence on social networking. There is definitely an innate requirement of all contemporary companies to possess a presence on a variety of social press platforms. This provides many opportunities by which any Organization can connect to their customers. It can also be a manner in which you can learn more about a Corporation’s time-served encounter.

Tip 7 is to make certain that you identify a business who is actually has trade-recognised accreditations for example that provided by the Piece of art and Designing Association. This provides assurance simply because any person in this association is needed to abide through their rigid and strict codes associated with practice.

The over seven tips show you through the procedure of determining the best-available expert painter as well as decorating in where you live. This info is each valuable and can undoubtedly make you achieving the perfect service having a superior finish and for that reason affordable.

Exactly what Does the actual Decoration of your house Say About Your way of life and Associations?

Whether we all know it or even not, our way of life and relationships could be read the same as reading the journal by simply looking from our house decoration as well as style. Unconsciously all of us transform the home décor in a manner that determines the friendships as well as relationships.

Below you’ll discover the 12 houses and exactly what each design says regarding you as well as your relationships. See if you’re able to point out the house you’re residing.

The Art gallery

Everything is actually intact and in position, and just about all decoration components and furniture they fit like the showcase the same as in the museum.

Associations: The past is seen everywhere as well as nothing should change. Absolutely no sound, no occupants with no kids, simply adults. Love is finished or is within intangible. Friends as well as acquaintances tend to be rare and people that can be found must adhere to your firm rules.

The actual Warehouse

A good almost forgotten home along with things positioned everywhere, absolutely no decoration tranquility what’s therefore ever, as well as everything is actually stacked within corners as well as places which don’t fit in.

Relationships: You threw in the towel on existence, and individual relationships merely don’t can be found. Functionality in most form offers disappeared very long time ago however has nothing related to your financial condition but instead with individual misery. Kids may exist however are forgotten or are searching for affection in the community, beyond home. Romance offers disappeared due to the chaos which exists.

A healthcare facility

Really minimum decoration along with only necessities with no style in any way. Spaces help remind you of the hospital and therefore are formed in a manner that serves sickness and health conditions.

Relationships: You either are afflicted by a persistent disease or even are therefore afraid associated with obtaining one which you transformed your house into the hospital. Your associations are those who are also struggling or scared that some thing might wreck their wellness. Window comes are lower and lighting are fully switched on. Thermometers, stress gauges, containers with medications, medical examinations would be the valuable add-ons that consume the area. Topics associated with conversation tend to be mainly regarding headaches, bloodstream pressure, cholesterol as well as healthy consuming. Normal childhood isn’t allowed. Love as well as romance is actually suspended forever and when by any kind of chance happens it’ll have side results. Touches tend to be allowed just for body rubs and also to seek discomfort outbreaks.

Way of life Magazine

Every thing is perfectly and nicely researched. Nothing slips from the decorator’s idea. The visual and picture that dominates doesn’t allow with regard to doubt.

Associations: The show is placed and it takes audience in order to cheer. Kids tend to be making points difficult using their presence and therefore are either delayed or become the main show. Adore is visually perfect however substantially non-existing. Love just exists when others are existing.

The Battlefield

Absolutely no harmony within décor, not style along with a mix-match situation dominates in most space, in the bedroom towards the little storeroom within the backyard. Sometimes there may be separation outlines, bathroom guidelines and individual kitchen cupboards.

Relationships: Intension, verbal as well as sometimes assault is a part of everyday existence. Rivalries, insults as well as devaluations make the house look just like a battlefield. Everything is really a reason with regard to hostility large. Quietness is actually more intimidating than strength because it is the time with regard to attack planning. Each partner feels as though their protecting themselves however this lead to attacking one another. Kids listed here are collateral sufferers. Alternatively, sex is actually intense, just to ensure the reverse parties won’t lose curiosity about the battle and leave with the divorce.

Comfortable Corner

Comfortable colors as well as comfortable furnishings are ruling each space. Food is definitely available as well as each bed room has enquired the actual personality associated with its occupant.

Associations: Warm, loving as well as sharing would be the words greatest describing the folks living in this home. Individuals are always welcomed for any visit. Positive sensation is distribute everywhere but without having to be proclaimed. Kids tend to be well looked after. Romance is actually discreet however love dominates.

Day Baby’s room

Colorful wall space with murals installed in it, light as well as playful design, a small messy however happy along with a noisy environment. Books as well as toys tend to be spread all around the house in most table, table and part. Sport footwear are suffocating the leading entrance.

Associations: Kids would be the main concern here. Partners exist and then play the actual role from the parent. Numerous kids, many whines and fun overwhelm environmental surroundings. Children would be the dominant occupants but additionally the torturers. Love as well as romance existed not so long ago, but after having a baby to the children, romance is reserve for additional priorities.

Innovative Lab

Motivation touches each and every decoration component and design. Nothing may be the similar, wall colored with two as well as three tones, creative mix-and-match décor design is applied in most room as well as original furniture pieces and décor embellish the areas.

Relationships: Each individual has their own personal room but is trying to share. Food is actually inspiration along with a gift. The constant renewal is caused by personal improvement. Kids possess acquired their very own personality being that they are born since the symbol from the occupants, love as well as respect for a lifetime. Love is actually flowing almost everywhere without titles, in all of the spaces and it is never exactly the same love.

Airport terminal Hotel

Minimal as well as practical would be the two greatest words to explain an airport terminal hotel designed home. Not unneeded items can be found and there’s lots of free room. Flowers as well as low-floor furnishings decorate the actual rooms as well as colors are often white or even very gentle shaded.

Associations: The occupants are worried a great deal about interpersonal recognition. The home is not sought after since anything else happen beyond it. The minimum ought to be made, but using the least possible use of personal power. Home just exists with regard to security as well as relaxation, only to be presently there went required, when company or interpersonal failures happen. Kids tend to be welcome so long as there’s the maid or perhaps a grandmother to maintain them. Love exists only when other circumstances ensure it is.

The Hideout

Nicely secured house, with a conventional decoration design. Decoration is created on the budget and also you won’t discover any custom furniture. Overall the actual hideout home type is really a warm as well as secure cavern.

Relationships: Society seems hostile and also the house serves like a protective hideout for your family. Only couple of relatives as well as fewer buddies walk with the front entry of house. Togetherness is essential and autonomy is known as a risk. Kids whenever young love the heat of the actual cave producing them really feel secure as well as needing, but whenever they’re teenagers all kind of independency difficulties are produced. Romance is actually soothing which makes it necessary, although not exciting.

People Joint

In this kind of home many times open doorways but do not always expect the dog owner to end up being there. Necessary furnishings is missing out of this home as well as any design styling in any way is lacking. In the start the home appeared as if a house of motivation but via time this became the warehouse.

Associations: Good motives but with no commitment within relationships. Buddies, close or even not, seem like home, but children don’t feel at ease living presently there. Romance arrives and goes similar to the passengers who go to the house.

The actual Lonesome

Separated areas and uncoordinated décor is the very first thing someone may notice whenever walking indoors of the actual lonesome.

Associations: Parallel life, individual actions, limited anticipation, ensconced sorrows, freezing rages. This is actually the place exactly where couples you live together simply because they haven’t got a selection. They despise one another but cannot afford the divorce. Kids make an effort to connect them using their presence or their very own impairment. Adore exists however lives somewhere elsewhere.

Harvest Time Decorating Tips

The wonders of the Internet and electronic communication have made everyone more aware of their neighbors around the globe. For example, when it’s autumn in the North, people in the South are enjoying springtime. And when it’s fall in the South, Northerners are reveling in spring. However, no matter what months autumn comes, it’s always a time to celebrate the harvest with rich colors and symbols of abundance.

The simplest and easiest decoration for harvest season is a bright orange pumpkin sitting on the front steps or porch. Pumpkins and other gourds make such excellent long-lasting decorations that it’s possible to use them inside and out during harvest season. For variety, decorators can use pumpkins as the centerpiece around which to craft striking displays. They can be surrounded with pots of ornamental grasses in colors such as purple, bronze and red. The richness of the fall palette lets decorators choose from color combinations that make dramatic contrasts such as bright greens with browns and plums against a large orange pumpkin.

What’s more, not all pumpkins are orange anymore. White pumpkins have been cultivated that give a totally different backdrop to a home decorating display. Combined with feathery purple or red fountain grass, white pumpkins make a truly unusual and visually stunning home decoration for fall.

In fact, white pumpkins and fountain grass can form the anchor of an entry display useful from the beginning of harvest time until its ending. For example, add in creepy props such as scarecrows, skeletons, ravens or other spooky denizens for Halloween. After that, change them out for vivid fall flowers such as chrysanthemums in yellow, red and bronze, or add in vegetables and fruits for true harvest flair.

Texture also plays an important role in creating pleasing fall displays. A mixture of plants with textures, such as wispy grasses or bumpy succulents, with smooth surfaces like pumpkins adds interest. Gourds and squash with bumpy skins also can serve as contrasting elements. Another way to add both texture and color interest is to group a porch display on outdoor rugs in vivid colors, such as red rugs and yellow rugs. This will give the decoration tremendous visual attraction from the street.

Wreaths offer an additional way to dress up an outdoor space in fall. Dried fruits and berries, along with colorful fall leaves, can serve to decorate doors and windows well into the fall. As winter approaches, leaves can be substituted with pine boughs or other evergreen branches, and decorated with new additions such as holiday bows, metallic balls or different season fruits. What’s more, don’t be stingy about wreaths. Hang them in every available space; just be sure they coordinate with other decorations.

A new way to gather ideas for harvest season display is to go on a variation of the “leaf-peeping” drives to look at changing fall colors. This new tradition is known as a “drive-by” wherein homeowners drive around neighborhoods and take pictures of interest porch displays. This kind of search can uncover all kinds of harvest time decorating on porches, doors, courtyards and other outdoor spaces. It’s probably wise, however, to look for inspiration in neighborhoods at some remove from one’s own, to avoid joshing about “copycat” displays.

You Can Decorate On A Budget

My partner and I just moved into our first apartment and have little money to fix it up. You are so great at decorating on a shoestring; can you give us some tips, please? We have hardwood floors and both like earthtones.

Setting up your first place together is exciting. It might seem a bit of a challenge when money is tight, but you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a little imagination. Paint will set just the right backdrop for your style, but start by picking a sofa and one or two comfy chairs. There are inexpensive options that will make an inviting setting, and you might discover a red sofa or pure-white wing chair that you can’t resist.

Your wall color can easily be changed, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Look at warm grays, golden browns and the tangy shades of green that are popular right now. A few simple storage solutions, baskets and boxes, will keep you organized. Create a focal point on one wall with a group of prints, photographs or a collection of artifacts you’ve brought home from holiday. Even the most minimal wall display will personalize your room, and this is the key to a home that makes you happy.

I live in a century home that has been modernized over the years. I’m fixing up the bathroom and master bedroom now and am having difficulty. There’s a lot of wasted space in both rooms because of the angled ceilings. The style I like is contemporary chic, almost a hotel feel. I prefer dark wood floors; is this a good choice for a small room? What about wallpaper in the bathroom and one wall of the bedroom? I’m at a loss as to where to start.

I love the idea of dark floors, and no, they won’t necessarily make the space look smaller but will give it a contemporary feel. The thought of the old (slanted ceiling) with the modern dark floors is brilliant.

Try one of the cool new wallpaper patterns on a wall — even florals have made a huge comeback, but it is how you use them. What about painting the wall but covering an old chest of drawers with a printed paper? Or try paintable wall coverings on one wall. The vintage shape of the room will look great with modern furnishings.

I have an open staircase leading to a loft. I have three prints I would like to hang. They are Italy prints from our vacation, so they have meaning. They’re not especially large. How do I position them — group them, space them out, center them with the wooden handrail? I just had the house painted, so I don’t want to start hammering.

There isn’t any one way to hang your prints. Look at the visual space and dimensions of the wall and staircase. Your challenge is to come up with a pleasing balance. Small prints look amazing in an oversize frame with a large mat, and this might look better in the stairwell. I would try a vertical line.

Before you hammer, experiment with card or paper pieces cut to size and stick them in position with low-adhesion tape.

Three Easy Ways to Make a House a Home

Buying a house is the first step; after the move, it’s about making it your home, with personal expressions and affordable, easy-to-execute upgrades.

When I moved into a new home a few years ago-a spec home finished with safe, neutral-and-marketable décor-I was happy to be there but soon realized that I had some work to do to add character to my new spaces. When it comes to home décor, a just-purchased home falls into two camps: new but somewhat benign, like mine; or older and in need of updating and refreshing. With a new house, simple changes such as more expressive color, more unique lighting or window treatments may be all that is needed. If the home is older, there may be some serious “un-decorating” to do before the re-decorating begins. Either way, to avoid a random approach and also create the most impact, I usually organize the first level of planning around a few basic themes: colors, finishes and lighting.

Colors and finishes are the first two keys to unlocking the door to personalization. Creating a coordinated palette is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to personalize a home because it also provides a map for planning everything else. When selecting colors, it’s important to consider wood and metal finishes as part of the palette, too. For example, wood tones may have yellow and orange, red or pink tones. Metal finishes range from warm, dark tones like oil-rubbed bronze to cool, light tones like brushed nickel. Considering the compatibility among all the elements as well as the contrast between them is the best way to achieve the look and feel you want.

The third-and I believe one of the most underrated decorating tools-is lighting. The right combination of lighting reveals unexpected possibilities for creating ambiance in your home. I often speak about “layering” lighting, which is combining general, task and accent lighting wired with dimmers to allow flexibility in light levels. The same room takes on a completely different mood under bright, overhead lighting versus when softly washed with accent lighting. And because colors and finishes appear differently in natural light vs. incandescent vs. different types of fluorescent and LEDs, it’s important to view them under all conditions.

For a home gym use colors and accessories to create an inviting mood in the space.

Bright, warm tones such as orange and purple can infuse an aerobics space with energy.

Use sage greens, aquas and bamboo for a peaceful yoga or Pilates room.

Hang mirrors to open up small spaces and let you see your progress.

Make sure the space is well ventilated.

When equipment doesn’t blend in easily, try using screens or tucking away hand weights, workout DVDs and bands in a basket. Just avoid installations that cannot be easily removed.

Turning a house into a home that reflects a homeowner’s personality is a journey that can take time, but it all begins with the first few steps. By focusing on these three basic areas with a few doable and affordable projects, much progress can be made within the first few weeks. And achieving early successes will yield long-term results in satisfaction and feeling good about finally being home again.

Do’s and Dont’s For Redecorate The Bedroom

Here are ten Do’s and ten Don’ts to help create a bedroom that will become a special sanctuary–even if it’s just for you:


1. Have lovely soft fabrics and textures on your bed–velvets, chenilles, soft silks, faux suedes, silky cottons, puffy matelassés, quilted textures and down comforters.

2. Make a statement in the bedroom with either the bed or the fabric chosen for the bed and decor. If you have a stunning bed, it should be the focal point of the room; allow everything else to be subordinate. If your bed doesn’t have much presence, select a fabric that will add visual interest to the room and complement the bed frame.

3. Add an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. It’s the perfect place to put on shoes, to place a duvet or bedspread at night, to put a pretty throw or extra pillows. It’s also a good spot for pets to rest or to pack a suitcase.

4. If space permits, create a sitting area with chairs and an ottoman, chaise or small sofa or loveseat. Slipper chairs are a good choice for bedrooms because of their compact size. It’s a nice spot to read–or for one spouse to sit while waiting for the other to finish dressing!

5. Add beautiful window treatments to balance the bed visually and soften the architecture of the room…plus furnish privacy and light control.

6. If you favor a particular color in a bedroom, vary the hues to avoid a dull and monochromatic room. Paint the ceiling a soft blue or lavender color, if it works with the wall colors. If you love the look of an all-white bed, don’t put it against white walls. Use a contrasting wall color–a deep cream, a pale hyacinth blue or a café latte. Add accessories in accent colors, such as raspberry pink pillows or a kiwi green chair in an oatmeal or spa blue room.

7. If you have a television in the room, disguise it–in an armoire, a cabinet or recessed behind a hinged mirror.

8. Get rid of clutter. Buy fabric-covered boxes or baskets with lids for papers, mementos and things that have to be stored. Put a canvas tote bag in the closet to collect clothes for the drycleaner.

9. Do you have unused exercise equipment that has become a metal sculpture or a clothes rack? Be realistic. Move it along to a new home–or relocate it to another room.

10. Have different levels of lighting in your bedroom, from low wattage lamps or candles to lights on dimmers appropriate for reading. Mirrors can reflect views and bring additional light into the room.

Bedrooms don’t have to be picture perfect. They should be beautiful and they should also be personal–with photos of family and friends, stacks of books to be read, favorite art and mementos.


1. Sleep in the wrong bed. If the style of your present bed no longer suits you, change the bed! Consider the upholstered headboards and footboards from Calico Corners – Calico Home as an alternative.

2. Don’t over-do the pillows on the bed. Moving twelve pillows each night and each morning is a chore and you’ll soon resent it. Have a smaller number of beautiful shams and pillows –perhaps four or five–and make them more important.

3. Don’t live with a bed that’s too low. Buy bed risers that will boost the bed frame by six inches off the floor and take it to the height of an antique bed. Risers are available from any big-box linens store.

4. Don’t sleep in a bed dressed the same way year round. Change the look of your bed, even if you live in a mild climate. Duvets, coverlets and shams can be made reversible so that you’ll have two seasonal looks with the flip of an item. Try stacking your bed pillows horizontally, largest on the bottom, instead of piling them up vertically. Shams that have boxed sides are perfectly suited to this style of arranging pillows.

5. If you love to read in bed, beware of metal beds with wide bars where you’ll fall through the headboard or never really be comfortable. Readers or TV viewers will be more supported by an upholstered headboard. If you want to float the bed in the room, headboards can also be upholstered on the back.

6. Is there a big gap between your duvet and the bedskirt? Don’t live with old bedding that doesn’t fit your deep new mattress. With the variety in bed dimensions plus mattress sizes and heights, it’s a challenge to find ready-made bedding that fits perfectly. Custom bedding from Calico Corners – Calico Home can be made to your exact bed dimensions–an option especially suited for antique beds.

7. Don’t allow the nightstands by your bed to overflow with clutter. Calico Corners – Calico Home stocks round table bases in a variety of sizes–even one style with shelves beneath for storage. A beautiful tableskirt will hide a multitude of sins.

8. Do not place a bed directly in line with the door, according to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese system about the alignment and balance of the energies of spaces. A bed should be placed where you feel most secure and private.

9. Don’t live with bedding that leaves something to be desired–duvets that don’t meet the bedskirt, dust ruffles that are too short, faded shams. You’ll spend one-third of your life in bed–it should be a pleasant experience!

10. Don’t put your office in your bedroom–even in a corner of the room. It will remind you of all the work to be done. And desktops are inherently messy.

Don’t Blow This Chance To Prep Your Home

There is a silver lining out there for homeowners who, despite being eager to sell their homes, have opted to sit on the sidelines and wait out the current market’s malaise.

They’ve got months, rather than weeks, to ready their houses for listing next year. That’s good because there’s some work to be done.

Bonnie Massa is moving forward with getting her two-bedroom South Loop townhouse ready to sell, although she’s not sure whether she’ll put it on the market this year or next.

She realizes that the current environment is a much different one than when she sold her last home in 2004; that time, she sold it by herself and in three weeks.

“I didn’t do squat to it but clean it,” Massa said. “But this is a very different ballgame now. There’s a lot of competition, and it’s a sophisticated buyer.”

This time around, she already is planning to put some belongings and furniture in storage and get rid of the cherry-colored paint, that she adores, in a half bathroom.

Experts say Massa is taking the right approach in a market that likely will continue to favor buyers. Despite how perfect a home may be for its current owner, it’s not ready to show prospective buyers, say real estate industry professionals.

Houses are either cluttered, outdated or just plain grimy.

“Sometimes I walk into spaces and I’m mortified. I don’t know where to begin,” said Debra Secher, owner of Home Staging of Chicago.

A homeowner’s first step should be to hire a home inspector and turn the findings into a worksheet of problems to correct before listing the house, said Sid Davis, a Utah real estate broker and author of “Home Makeovers that Sell.”

He also suggests letting potential buyers see that a home inspection was completed and any problems were remedied.

“That puts you head and shoulders above anybody else in the market,” he said.

Clutter, professionals say, often is the biggest problem. Homeowners need to remove family pictures, trophies, knick-knacks and anything else that is going to distract buyers. You don’t want to have them pay attention to the home you’ve created; you want them to see the house where they can make their own memories.

Make sure clutter is kept under control in children’s bedrooms and play areas, too, by buying toy boxes now, and encouraging tykes to use them in advance of when the home goes on the market.

Homeowners need to take a critical eye to other parts of the home as well. Vivid color schemes and expensive decorating touches certainly reflect personal taste, but it is the owners’, not the potential buyers. In the months before listing, wash walls to remove dirt and repaint where necessary in neutral tones.

“[Buyers] may not care if you have $50,000 in decorating on the wall because they are going to do what they want anyway,” said Naperville appraiser Chip Wagner.

Real estate agents advise clients to consider the characteristics of similar homes in the neighborhood that have already been on the market to gauge what a buyer’s expectations will be. Existing cabinets may be OK, once they’ve had a good scrubbing and been wiped down with lemon oil; if not consider having them repainted or refinished.

Granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances seem a standard feature in most kitchens today, and Secher tells clients that it’s better to make the upgrades themselves than offering buyers a credit to update the kitchens themselves.

The pitfall of such a strategy, she said, is it is one more impediment to a buyer simply moving in and enjoying a home.

And despite the retro or kitschy rooms that vie for attention in home magazines, Davis said it’s better to replace 1980s-era fixtures and tile and color schemes. “Don’t believe everything you see in the decorator magazines,” Davis said. “You want what people will buy, not what looks good in the magazines.”

Outdoor spaces also can easily be tackled in the fall to ready the home for spring. Plant spring bulbs, reseed brown areas, and spruce up a home’s entryway by ridding it of any peeling paint.

“You can do it upfront and have it done and your sale be less stressful, or you can do it along the way and get panicky because the home isn’t sold,” Davis said.

Every Precious Inch

My children taught me a few things about interior design this week, like how to work with what you already have.

I’ve been researching the psychology of temporary spaces — how we make ourselves at home in hotels, dorms, apartments, etc. — and something about the topic bothered me for days until I watched my daughter perform her chores on Thursday morning.

After dusting the living room, she began rearranging my ubiquitous piles of books, papers, candles and correspondence. Organizing my detritus doesn’t normally fall under the heading of kid-tasks in my home, but on this particular morning my daughter was inspired. Loath to interfere with her aesthetic instincts and hoping she might make some sense of the mess, I buried myself in my office, where I stumbled across the following quote:

“Native American design and artwork are intimately linked with spiritual associations. The process of creating art is an exercise in prayer and worship.”
— Elmo Baca,
“Introduction to Western Design”

As I listened to my daughter humming with happiness in the next room, I thought about an aspect of home decorating that I rediscovered while traveling recently with friends. We stayed in Brownsville, Ore., a town of 1,600 nestled between low hills and a winding stream, bursting with wild blackberry bushes and overhung with trees. Every morning I leaned out the bedroom window of our brick homestead — what used to be a bowling alley, a hardware store and a railroad boardinghouse — to gaze across Main Street and smell the rain.

I walked along a country road the day after we arrived and returned with a bouquet of wildflowers: sweet peas, Queen Anne’s lace and yellow daisies. We put them in a glass vase and set them on a high table in the great room. Later, the children and I gathered more blossoms, sticks and leaves and scattered them around the table, too.

The design theme in this house was something that floated in with the breeze and stirred the white gauzy curtains, rippled across the old wooden floors and brick walls, and brightened the flowers in the center of the room. It was very simple.

“I didn’t want my grandmother to feel like an astronaut when she visited,” Blake Dollahite writes in the October issue of Dwell magazine. With the help of his father, Dollahite renovated a home after graduating from the university there. The young builder modestly dismisses their accomplishments as basic workmanship and imagines himself huddled in a single room with a dog and a few empty beer bottles. And he makes a point: What makes your place feel like home?

When I returned to the living room Thursday, I discovered that my daughter had created a panorama of my most beautiful picture books and magazines on the work table.

I found her in the bedroom putting the finishing touches on decorations there. She had formed a semi-circle —a sort of shrine — of family photographs on the bedside table. The photos surrounded stones and shells we collected along the Oregon coast.

Then I walked into my son’s room. He had stuck a defunct game-CD in his gecko’s terrarium. The disc was scratched, but it was apparently still attractive, at least to him, and to Sparks, the lizard. It leaned like an old wagon wheel against the glass and flickered in the sunlight. He said he might not leave it there for long, but I thought it was amazing.

All of which brings me to the conclusion that while all space may be temporary, it is also sacred.

Ladders – Rely On These Useful Safety Accessories When Working On Them!

If you love doing DIY home improvement projects, then you will need a good quality ladder at your disposal at all times. The most important factor that one should consider when using ladders at home is safety. This is why you should check out safety-related accessories that will help you use ladders at home even if you are working alone.

Safety Belts

Climbing a ladder can be a simple task with very few safety risks involved. However, painting the ceiling or hammering a nail when you are perched on the top rung of the ladder can be a risky affair, especially for amateurs. This is why you should opt for safety belts that will help you maintain your balance even if you don’t have a grip on the ladder.

Extension Hangers

Using a ladder can be difficult if you have to hold a paint bucket in one hand and a brush in the other. While the safety belt will allow you to free your hands for a short duration, it is not advisable to keep both hands free when working at a height. This is where affixing extension hangers can help you grip the metal rung with one hand at all times. You can hang the paint bucket on the hanger to simplify painting jobs. You can put all your tools in a single container and hang it from the extension when working at a height. This will free you from the task of climbing down every time you need a different tool.

Attachable Stabilizers

The biggest safety risk involved in working on ladders is the risk of loss of balance that may cause it to come crashing down. The simplest way to minimize this risk is to use stabilizers at the bottom and top of the ladder. Attachable stabilizers for ladders will ensure the top of the ladder is firmly fixed to the ceiling or the upper part of the wall. These stabilizers will prevent ladders from moving or shifting even if you lose your balance at the top. You can opt for stabilizers of different sizes depending on the height of the ladder and whether you intend to use ladders inside or outside your home.

Safety Harness

If you plan on carrying out an elaborate home improvement project on your own, then it is advisable to go in for a safety harness. The harness offers better protection as compared to a safety belt. You can opt for a harness with slots for affixing tools and other equipment for convenient access and improved efficiency when working at a height. Combine the harness with a safety lasso for maximum safety without compromising speed and efficiency.

It is very important to follow all safety precautions when using ladders. Remember, simply purchasing safety accessories will not guarantee protection. It is important to have the right attitude towards safety and protection. Loss of balance and falling on a hard surface like concrete can lead to severe injuries and even fatalities. Hence, if you are serious about using ladders for DIY home projects, then make sure you follow safety norms in a conscientious manner.