Additional Services

Colour Selection

Our team of professional painters are trained to have an eye for colour. We will assist you every step of the way, even picking the colour for any painting projects you have in mind. We will be sure to match the existing colours in the space you need painted.

Any surfaces that is in need of a few coats on paint, we will help you match colours with the rest of the room(s). Weather it’s for a commercial or residential property of yours, we are ready and more willing to get the job done as soon as you would like. We will make our suggestions based on what your vision is as well as what we think is to work best in space.

Wallpaper Installation And Removal

Our team will remove any old wallpaper you are getting tired of. We also offer to install all wallpapers of your choice. It is extremely important to apply wallpaper correctly to expend it’s life time to ensure it looks great with no errors in the paper. V S Painting Services has the experience of working with all sort of different types of wallpaper.

Cabinet Transformation

Are your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room cabinets a little out dated? If so, our team is happy and ready to transform you space. This is our favourite transformation in the whole house. Why? because it becomes such a drastic change for our customers.

We will do what is needed to transform any and all cabinets you desire, sanding painting and staining. Any room that has built in cabinets that need a facelift, our team is equipped to transform it!

Give us at 807-787-5451 call and lets get started on your plans. We look forward to come up with your dream kitchen or home together. You can also request a quote bellow if you prefer.

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