Curtain Tracks And Shower Curtains

Ceiling curtain tracks: Ceiling curtain track installations are made to provide privacy screens or curtains in hospitals or other institutions. A ceiling curtain track is the entire arrangement consisting of the various types of hardware that are required to fit the curtains to create a partition or screen. It includes the curtain track channel, carrier rollers, splicing clamps and end stops. Depending on the design requirements, there may also be curtain track curve (ninety degree or forty five degree), ceiling clips, ceiling flanges, suspension tubes, nylon wall brackets, snap out fittings, drop chains and PVC drop strips.

The curtain track channel is the actual tracking in which the curtain rollers slide to enable drawing the curtains. The curtain track channel is made from aluminum and is sold in eight-foot long strips. It’s attached or mounted to the ceiling using various methods. These are fairly economical home remodeling changes that can create a whole new corner at home.

Curtain tracks for the sick at home: Curtain track installations are used to provide privacy to patients while providing nursing care or dressing. Often, at home, where many people stay together, a sick person may require solitude for medical reasons. These curtain track installations provide the perfect solution by enclosing the area by drawing the curtains around the bed. Studies in health care, with special focus on the ill, have shown that natural views offer great benefits in healing, and help in improving the clinical outcomes of patients. These days, many homes use curtains with beautiful natural scenes on the fabric, which patients find very soothing. The size of the scene is generally 68 inches high and 104 inches wide. These scenic curtains are usually hung on the wall towards the foot of the patient’s bed, turning the area into a picture window. This boosts his/her inherent healing powers by keeping the patient in a cheerful and happy mood. This may not be the most exciting home remodeling change you’d be making but it sure makes a real difference.

Shower curtain tracks: Shower curtains come in many different styles. Those specially made for healthcare facilities are heavyweight IFR polyester and are fixed to curtain tracks. They are treated with inert chemicals, which provide anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-static properties, which last the full life of the curtains. There are no side or bottom hems, in order to protect against bacterial build-up. The grommets are made of stainless steel and are designed to last. Here’s a home remodeling change that’ll last years.

The grommets are where the shower curtains are attached to the hook in the curtain track rollers. These curtains are flame resistant and will self-extinguish when removed from the source of the flame. They are also stain resistant and resist being stained by all kinds of oils and grease. Cleaning them is easy, and mild soap and water are all that are required to give them a fresh, new look. These curtains come in many contemporary designs and, though made for the shower, can be used anywhere else. Home remodeling can’t get much simpler, so, here’s to a clean and fresh change that everyone can incorporate.

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