Benefits Of Granite Countertops

A countertop usually refers to a horizontal working surface in kitchens or other areas of food preparation. It may also be used in workrooms in general. Countertops are mostly setup above cabinets. They can be made from a wide variety of materials. Granite is one of the most common materials used to make countertops. It looks attractive and is available in a lot of patterns and designs. It’s fun to shop for such home remodeling needs.

Granite is a natural, coarse and granular stone, usually found as a white or buff color rock. Granite can be found in shades of pink, dark grey or even black, depending on the chemistry and mineralogy. Some types of granite have veining similar to that of marble. Unlike marble, granite is a relatively hard, non- porous, natural stone. It is resistant to most chemicals. Such diversity makes it a popular home remodeling change in most homes.

Granite countertops have gained popularity owing to its multiple advantages. It is known to be a durable and scratch-resistant surface, which is available in endless patterns and colors. A major benefit of granite is its mirror-like finish. The beauty of granite is its uniqueness. It would be virtually impossible to find two pieces of the same design and pattern. Cooking food involves cutting, processing, heating and many other tasks. The sharp blade of the knife or the heat of a pot does not affect granite counter tops. Stains are absorbed by granite and it does not harbor any bacteria or radon. Due to its low porosity, granite can be easily cleaned. Convenience is a major propeller for most home remodeling changes, and it’s no different in case of granite countertops.

The cost of constructing granite countertops vary according to the size and quality of material used to make it. The granite countertop is now the primary choice of every kitchen designer. Public awareness about the use of natural materials has also made granite the most popular choice of every household. It’s all about making the right remodeling change.

Granite counter tops are a common sight in most kitchens. Granite has taken over from the traditional wooden countertops because of its superiority in installing, cleaning and maintaining it. They’re available as prefabricated countertops or can be custom cut and designed to fit any kitchen platform. Granite is available in many colors and designs. Higher priced granite is known to be easier to clean and maintain. However, in some cases it does not hold true. Different forms of granite are used as a style statement, and are also expensive. They may, however not possess the same properties of cleaning and maintaining. Learn all you need to care for your kitchen remodeling changes.

It’s advisable to routinely maintain granite countertops to ensure that they look good. Granite resists scratches and acid stains, from sources such as citrus juice and, if sealed by the fabricator, resists most food stains as well. Countertops made of granite need to be polished routinely. It’s advisable to seek the services of a professional to undertake the task of polishing. These simple cleaning schedules will keep further home remodeling at bay for years to come.

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