Bathroom Remodelling Tips

The bathroom is supposed to be your personal place, your place of relaxation, away from the outside world, children, house chores, and the disruptive guests that won’t take the hint to leave. For this very reason you should consider upgrading your bathroom and turn it into the luxurious room you’ve always wanted it to be.

If you find there isn’t much of a difference between your children’s bathroom and your master bathroom this is a serious indicator that your bathroom is in need of a face-lift. Follow the steps listed below and you’ll learn how to successful enhance your bathroom into a luxurious oasis.Bathroom Cabinets

Recolor Your Bathroom

A majority of bathrooms are tainted with boring white walls. White floors, walls, lights, cabinets, and even toilets give the bathroom a very boring, plain look. Color is what gives the room personality. Repainting your bathroom to a peaceful blue, or natural green will give your bathroom a more peaceful feeling; as opposed to the sterile feeling white bathrooms have. A bathroom with a vivid, deep color will make your bathroom a much nicer place of the house to be in.

Soften The Mood

Just like most bathrooms are white all around, many are also filled with hard walls, sinks, and tiles. If you want to create a luxurious feel in your bathroom “soften” the bathroom. You can do this with soft and cozy bathroom rugs and soft decorative towels. Instead of putting in the standard white faucet you should also consider using a marble patterned sink instead- similar to the sinks in today’s top hotels.

Enhance Your Faucets

You can’t have a luxurious master bathroom without luxurious facets and bathtubs. The first thing you should do is upgrade your currently outdated tub with a jetted tub. If your bathroom has a standing shower then you should purchase a new modern shower head.

Some new sinks have electronic faucets, which will eliminate water-overflow and will conserve water while the sink is in use. Ceramic Stone and marble are very common materials for modern sinks and provide and elegant modern look.

A brand-new toilet will make your bathroom look much cleaner and make the overall experience in your bathroom much more enjoyable. Some of the more luxurious models come with neat features such as automatic flushing, heated seat, and some even come with deodorizing capabilities. Make sure you purchase toilet-paper holders to accommodate your new toilet.

Adding a Cozy Feeling

Most master bathrooms contain hard floors, with barely any personality. If this is the case in your bathroom you should buy a nice cozy rug to keep your toes warm when you walk around the bathroom. You should also consider buying heated rugs and towel holder, which will keep you extra warm especially during those cold winter months.

Light Your Room Up

To turn your boring and dull bathroom into a luxurious bathroom you’ll need to install new lights. The first lights to be replaced should be the lights above your mirror. With your new lights you should effectively reduce the amount of shadows in your bathroom, allowing you to see your face much clearer in the mirror. Just be sure your lights aren’t overpowering; add a dimmer so you can control how bright your lights are to set the mood.

Additional Things to Add

There are many little gadgets that you can add to your bathroom to give it the “next-gen” feeling- many of these gadgets have already been in use in hotels for quite some time. Some gadgets are fog-resistant mirrors and tooth brush sanitizing units. The fog-free mirrors will allow you to see yourself even after getting out of a steamy shower ,and the tooth brush sanitizing unit will help keep your toothbrush clean and germ free.

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