Adding Faucets to Improve Your Bathroom And The Importance Of Towel Racks

Faucets are usually the most used part of a house. For the most part, all guests that enter your house will need to use your faucet at least once during their stay. For this reason, homeowners should choose a faucet that contains their personal style.

In the bathroom, the bathroom faucet is a key component in creating style and mood. Bathroom faucets come in various designs and styles to meet almost anyone’s needs.

The one hole faucet are the smallest and simplest faucets. For owners who have a 4 inch faucet hole they should consider purchasing a deck plate which will cover up the excessive holes and allow you to use a single hole faucet design.

Another type of faucet is the 4 inch centerset faucet design. These faucets are considered to be very efficient and compact, taking up very little space. The handles and spout are all attached to the base of the faucet. The 4 inch centerset and minispread faucets are also very similar; the only difference being that the handles and spouts are separate pieces on minispread faucets.

Larger faucets are usually 8 inch widespred faucets. These faucets have handles that are anywhere between 8 and 16 inches apart. Vessel filler faucets are specifically made for sinks made in the vessel style. Where the sink is put and the measurements of it determine how long the faucet’s spout is.

The last kind of faucet is the wall mount facet, which are usually used with vessel sinks. This style of faucet is commonly used with old-style bathrooms.

One way to make your bathroom more spacious is to add towel racks, allowing you to efficiently store your towels when they aren’t being used. Towel racks are very easy to install, and go a long way in keeping your bathroom looking clean and up-kept.

There are two designs that most towel racks come in. The first design isn’t really a rack- it’s more of a shelf that allows you to fold and store towels. This shelf does not allow you to hang your towels. If you want to hang up your towels and not just fold them you’ll need to buy a railed towel rack.

Bathroom Towel Racks

Railed towel racks are almost the same thing as towel shelves, with a few distinctive differences. Since these racks contain rails you’re able to hang your towel instead of just folding them. For many people this is a huge benefit, while others just don’t care.

Many modern designs now feature dual- railed towel shelves. Having two shelves gives you a lot of extra space and save much more space that the traditional horizontal shelf. This option however does take up more space, but it keeps the bathroom very organized and for this reason is the most commonly used design.

The Installation

Towel hooks are much easier to install than towel racks. The first thing you should do when installing the racks is choose the wall you want them on. Take measurements and make sure the racks will fit nicely in the area you intend to install them in.

Once you’ve picked the area you’ll be installing the racks in scan the area with a metal detector and make sure there aren’t any pipes or wires in the specific wall. You’re safe to install the rack once you’ve finished your inspections. Make sure the rack is perfectly level and screw wit tightly into the wall. Whether or not you have to use wall plugs depends on how big your rack is. The entire installation should take no more than 15 minutes total.

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