Teak Bathroom Furniture

Teak bathroom furniture is one of the best choices you can make when selecting accessories for your bath.  Not only is teak sleekly glossy, giving it a rich, inviting look, it is also incredibly sturdy and water resistant, meaning that it is a great choice both for outdoor furniture, but as furniture in indoor settings where water damage might be an issue for other woods; specifically, in bathrooms and spas.

From chairs to stools to cabinets and mirrors, teak bathroom furniture is not only beautiful, but it resists the warping and discoloration that occurs when other kinds of wood are exposed to the heat and humidity that are almost always present in bathrooms.  While some bathrooms are large enough to need several pieces of bathroom furniture to make them look good, even the smallest bathrooms can benefit from a simple but beautiful piece of teak bathroom furniture.  Even a simple chair or a teak-framed mirror can turn a plain bathroom into a work of art.

Not only is teak beautiful and water resistant, it is also incredibly flexible.  The teak tree is known for its flexibility.  It tends to bend, not break in high winds and can take a great deal of abuse, often bouncing back where other trees become uprooted.  This flexibility does not die when a tree is cut for furniture grade wood. Even when it has been crafted into specific shapes for furniture or cabinets teak is incredibly flexible and can take the pressure of great amounts of weight without warping or cracking.

Besides its flexibility, teak is also unusually dense.  This makes it easy for woodworkers to craft and shape the wood into interesting patterns and shapes.  It also means that it can be used in a great many types of furniture crafting.  This means that teakwood furniture and cabinetry can take on styles and patterns that might not be possible with other woods used for bathroom furniture, especially when you take the issues of humidity and water damage into account.

Using teak wood for bathroom furniture is a logical choice, though not always a cost efficient one since teak furniture tends to be pricier than its non-teak counterparts.  The increasing price of teak is due in part to its having to be shipped long distances (it grows primarily in South East Asia) but also due to the increasing popularity of teakwood in Western societies.  This popularity has put an increased demand on those suppliers who deal in teak wood and has driven up the prices of teak furniture, including teak bathroom furniture.

But if you have the choice and the budget, teak wood bathroom furniture makes the best choice as it will last for years and will stand up even under the most strenuous of conditions.

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