Non Slip Bathroom Flooring

Non slip bathroom flooring is essential if you wish to ensure the safety of your home and family.  When you consider that most accidents occur in the home and that most of those occur either in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it becomes clear that choosing to install non slip bathroom flooring can make a significant difference in your family’s safety.

Why do You Need Non Slip Bathroom Flooring?

With the exception of wall-to-wall carpeting (a luxurious but impractical choice for a bathroom) most bathroom floors are of some sort of hard, non-porous material such as linoleum, tile or marble.  These kinds of surfaces are notoriously slippery, especially when wet and, in a bathroom, the chances of the surface of the floor being wet are fairly high.  And of course, the more slippery a surface is, the better your chances of you or a family member losing your balance and taking a spill that could result in significant injury.

There are three ways to avoid injuries related to slippery floor surfaces in the bathroom; choosing to install non-slip bathroom flooring when building or remodeling your home, choosing to install non-slip bathroom flooring over your existing floors, or choosing to treat existing flooring with a treatment that will make it less slippery.

Choices in Non Slip Bathroom Flooring

If you are building a home from scratch or are remodeling your current bathroom, you can of course choose to install non slip bathroom flooring such as pre-treated ceramic tiles or rubber flooring squares that will not only resist mold and mildew, but will provide a non slip standing and walking surface as well.  Choosing new non slip bathroom flooring can be an excellent choice, especially if you have young children or older persons in your household who may need the extra traction that a non slip surface can provide them.

Then of course there are mats that can be purchased to roll out over your existing flooring.  These mats may not be as pretty as the original flooring of your bathroom, but they can go a long ways towards ensuring that you minimize the risk of accidents.

Another choice is in having existing flooring such as ceramic tile work treated to make it slip resistant.  There are a variety of methods that enable existing floors to be treated.  Some include grinding down the surface of existing tiles or surfaces and then treating them with a slip-resistant chemical, while others include coating the existing flooring with certain kinds of chemical treatments that turn them into non-slip or slip resistant surfaces.

While making your bathroom floors skid resistant or slip-proof can be a bit of an investment, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that slipping and falling in the bathroom is not something likely to occur can be worth the price of making your bathroom safe.  Installing non slip bathroom flooring can, in fact, be considered to be an investment not just in your peace of mind, but in the future and safety of your family as well.

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