About Bathroom Cabinets

Tall bathroom cabinets are an excellent choice for bathroom storage, especially when you are planning out a bathroom with limited square footage or where storage is at a premium.  But just because you chose to install tall bathroom cabinets does not mean that you have to sacrifice style.

While the last few decades have seen a decided interest in the decorating of bathrooms, one thing that has not changed much is modern builder’s lack of creativity when it comes to designing a bathroom.  Most builders allocate very little room to bathrooms (the exception being Master Bath suites).  Instead, they attempt to squeeze all the necessary bathroom fixtures into as small a space as possible to leave valuable square footage for more interesting things like family rooms or walk-in closets.

So if you find yourself with limited square footage in your bathroom, one option is to install tall bathroom cabinets in which to store your linens or bathroom supplies. Of course if you are building a new home from scratch you can choose to allocate more space to bathroom storage.  But if, like most of us, you are left with a smaller bath space, you can get creative with your bathroom storage options.

Choosing a tall bathroom cabinet is an excellent way to make certain that previously unused ‘overhead’ space can be converted into efficient storage, and whether you choose stand alone cabinets or choose to have a cabinet professionally installed, you will find that the clutter and claustrophobia of a small bathroom space is helped tremendously by the right choice in storage cabinets.

Choices in Tall Bathroom Cabinets

Choices in tall bathroom cabinets run from simple metal or plastic models that you can buy in any home goods store, to professionally installed cabinetry in a number of styles and colors that can be chosen to fit your bathroom’s décor, to cabinets that are made precisely to your specifications.

Choosing a pre-existing model, such as those found in home goods stores, may not result in the most sophisticated look for your bathroom, but can be a good choice if you have a limited budget.

Professionally installed cabinetry that can be purchased at home improvement stores or stores that specialize in kitchen and bath cabinets are a good choice if you are looking to keep your bathroom’s appearance uniform, for they allow for a wide variety of choices when it comes to styles and most cabinets come in varying heights and widths which enable the purchaser to choose which size of cabinet will best fit into his particular bathroom. Most tall bathroom cabinets come in a variety of colors, but also with optional mirrored surfaces so that they can add even more functionality to the bathroom’s décor.

If, however, you wish to fill a specific space in your bathroom; say an oddly shaped corner, then you may want to consider custom cabinetry.  Custom cabinetry can be made to order; cabinets specifically tailored to your bathroom’s special design, shape or needs.

Regardless of which kind of tall bathroom cabinets you choose, your choice will make having to live with a too-small bath much easier and far more convenient.

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